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1. YANG Yingge, FAN Yonghong, LI Wen, WANG Dongmei,WU Yuejin, ZHENG Zhiming,YU Zengliang, Optimization of L(+)-Lactic Acid Production from Xylose with Rhizopus Oryzae Mutant RLC41-6 Breeding by Low-Energy Ion Implantation. Plasma Science and Technology, 2007, 9(5): 638-642.
2. Chengling Yuan,Xiangqin Wang,and Zengliang Yu, Separation and Preparative Purification of Arachidonic Acid from Microbial Lipids by Urea Inclusion Reaction and HPLC. Preparative Biochmistry & Biotechnology, 2007,37: 149-159.
3. Yuan Hang, Zhou Wei, Wang Jun, Liu Qingmei, Zhang Shuqing etc. Enhancement of Gongronella sp. JG Chitosanase production by Ion Beam Implantation. Plasma Science & Technology. 2007, 9(1): 115-118.
4. Ying Zhang, Zengliang Yu, Yixuan Lu, Yu Wang, Dehong She, Mei Song, Yuejin Wu. Effect of the absence of lipoxygenase isoenzymes on the storage characteristics of rice grains. The Journal of Stored Products Research, 2007, 43(1): 87-91.
5. Jinku Li, Ying Zhang, Yujuan Wang, Jiayue Jiang, Mei Song, Zengliang Yu, Yuejin Wu. Superior storage stability in low lipoxygenase maize varieties. The Journal of Stored Products Research, 2007, 43(4): 530-534.
6. Mei Song, Yuejin Wu*, Ying Zhang, Binmei Liu, Jiayue Jiang, Xue Xu, Zengliang Yu. Mutation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) LOX-1/2 near-isogenic lines with ion beam implantation and study of their storability. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, 2007, 265: 495-500.