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Wu Lijun

Selected Publications in peer-reviewed journals:
1. Houjuan Zhu, Yajun Zhang, Lulu Zhang, Tao Yu, Kui Zhang, Hui Jiang, Lijun Wu* and Suhua Wang*, Highly photostable and biocompatible graphene oxides with amino acid functionality, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2014, in Press.
2. Xiaoying Guo, Po Bian*, Junting Liang, Yichen Wang, Luzhi Li, Jun Wang, Hang Yuan, Shaopeng Chen, An Xu, and Lijun Wu*, Synergistic Effects Induced by Low Dose of Diesel Particulate Extract and Ultraviolet-A in Caenorhabditis Elegans: DNA Damage-Triggered Germ Cell Apoptosis, Chemical Research in Toxicology, In press, 2014, DOI: 10.1021/tx500137f.
3. Yilin Lu, Qing Huang, Guowen Meng, Lijun Wu and Zhang Jingjing, Label-free selective SERS detection of PCB-77 based on DNA aptamer modified SiO2@Au core/shell nanoparticles, Analyst, In press, 2014.
4. Shunchang Wang, Xiaoxue Teng, Yun Wang, Han-Qing Yu, Xun Luo, An Xu, Lijun Wu, Molecular control of arsenite-induced apoptosis in Caenorhabditis elegans: Roles of insulin-like growth factor-1 signaling pathway, Chemosphere, 112: 248–255, 2014.
5. Qisen Wang, Lijun Wu, Jun Wang, Reciprocal Regulation of Cyclooxygenase 2 and Heme oxygenase 1 Upon Arsenic Trioxide Exposure in Normal Human Lung Fibroblast, Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology, 27 (6): 323, 2013.
6. Xiaoying Guo, Jie Sun, Po Bian, Lianyun Chen, Furu Zhan, Jun Wang, An Xu, Yugang Wang, Tom K Hei, and Lijun Wu, Radiation-Induced Bystander Signaling from Somatic Cells to Germ Cells in Caenorhabditis Elegans, Radiation Research, 180, 268–275, 2013.
7. Xiaofei Wang, Guoping Zhao, Junting Liang, Jiang Jiang, Ni Chen, Jing Yu, Qisen Wang, An Xu, Shaopeng Chen*, and Lijun Wu*, PFOS-induced apoptosis through mitochondria-dependent pathway in human-hamster hybrid AL cells, Mutation research, 754, 51– 57, 2013.
8. Ting Wang, Fanghua Li, Qingfang Liu, Jufang Wang, Yuejin Wu, Lijun Wu, Wenjian Li, Homologous Recombination in Arabidopsis Seeds along the Track of Energetic Carbon Ions, Mutation Research, In press, 2012.
9. Yang G, Quan Y, Wang W, Fu Q, Wu J, Mei T, Li J, Tang Y, Luo C, Ouyang Q, Chen S, Wu L, Hei TK, Wang Y, The intrinsic dynamic equilibrium between cancer stem-like cells and non-stem cancer cells in human cancer cell populations. British Journal of Cancer, 24;106(9):1512-9, 2012.
10. Shaopeng Chen, Junkang Qiu, Chuan Chen, Chunchun Liu, Yuheng Liu, Lili An, Junying Jia, Jie Tang, Lijun Wu*, Haiying Hang*, Affinity maturation of anti-TNF-α scFv with somatic hypermutation in non-B cells, Protein & Cell, 3(6): 460-9, 2012.
11. Shengmin Xu, Hang Yuan, An Xu, Jun Wang, and Lijun Wu*, In vitro selection of DNA aptamer against PCBs as protential biorecognition elements for environmental analysis, Analytical Biochemistry, 423: 195–201, 2012.
12. Shengmin Xu, Hang Yuan, An Xu, Jun Wang and Lijun Wu, Rapid Functionalization of Gold Nanoparticles with DNA in Salt Solution Mediated by Nonionic Surfactants, Langmuir, 27 (22), 13629–13634, 2011.
13. Fanghua Li, Ting Wang, Shuyan Xu, Hang Yuan, Po Bian, Yuejin Wu, Lijun Wu, Zengliang Yu, Abscopal Mutagenic Effect of Low-energy-ions in Arabidopsis Thaliana Seeds, International Journal of Radiation Biology, 87(9): 984-92, 2011.
14. Ting Wang,Fanghua Li, Shuyan Xu, Po Bian, Yuejin Wu, Lijun Wu, Zengliang Yu, The time course of long-distance signaling in radiation-induced bystander effect in vivo in Arabidopsis thaliana demonstrated using root micro-grafting, Radiation Research, 176, 234–243 (2011), 2011.
15. Guoping Zhao, Shaopeng Chen, L Wang, Ye Zhao, Jun Wang, Xiaofei Wang, Wenwen Zhang, Ruoqun Wu, Lijun Wu, Yuejin Wu and Aa Xu, Cellular ATP Content was Decreased by a Homogeneous 8.5 T Static Magnetic Field Exposure: Role of Reactive Oxygen Species, Bioelectromagnetics, 32:94-101, 2011.
16. Guoping Zhao, Jun Wang, Xiaofei Wang, Shaopeng Chen, Ye Zhao, An Xu and Lijun Wu, Mutagenicity of PFOA in Mammalian cells: Role of Mitochondria-dependent Reactive Oxygen Species, Environmental Science & Technology, 45(4): 1638-1644, 2011.
17. Shaopeng Chen, Ye Zhao, Wei Han, SK Chiu, Lingyan Zhu, Lijun Wu, KN Yu, Rescue effects in radiobiology: Unirradiated bystander cells assist irradiated cells through intercellular signal feedback, Mutation Research-Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis, 706: 59–64, 2011.
18. Hao Chen, Hang Yuan, Xiang Xiao, Gen Yang, Lijun Wu, Reactive Oxygen Species Acted as a Bystander Signals to Generate Bio-effects in Low-Energy Ion Irradiated Medicago truncatula Seeds, Journal of Radiation research, 51: 651-656, 2010.
19. Fanghua Li, Ping Liu, Ting Wang, Po Bian, Yuejin Wu, Lijun Wu, Zengliang Yu, The induction of bystander mutagenic effects in vivo by alpha-particle irradiation in whole Arabidopsis thaliana plants, Radiation Research, 174(2): 228-37, 2010.
20. Fanghua Li, Ping Liu, Ting Wang, Po Bian, Yuejin Wu, Lijun Wu, Zengliang Yu, Genotoxicity/mutagenicity of formaldehyde revealed by the Arabidopsis thaliana plants transgenic for homologous recombination substrates, Mutation Research-Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, 699(1-2):35-43, 2010.
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23. Guoping Zhao, Shaopeng Chen, Ye Zhao, Lingyan Zhu, P Huang, Lingzhi Bao, Jun Wang, Lei Wang, Lijun Wu, Y Wu and A Xu, Effects of 13-Tesla Static Magnetic Fields (SMF) in the cell cycle distribution and cell viability on Immortalized Hamster Cells and Human Primary Fibroblasts Cells, Plasma Sci. Technol., 12 123, 2010
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25. Wei Han, Lijun Wu, Shaopeng Chen, Lingzhi Bao, Leilei Zhang, Erkang Jiang, Ann Xu, Tom K Hei and Zengliang Yu, Constitutive Nitric Oxide Acting as the Possible Intercellular Signaling Molecule in the Initiation of Radiation Induced DNA Double Strand Breaks in Non-irradiated Bystander Cells, Oncogene, 26: 2330-2339, 2007.
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