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Research team from Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics and Chiangmai University visited Hefei Institutes of Physical Science
A team of 5 researchers from Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics (ThEP) and Chiangmai University (CMU) visited Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (CASHIPS) in the first week of September.

This visit was the 2ndbilateral activity of the joint research project “Ion Beam Biotechnology Application in Crop Improvement”, which is supervised by Ministry of S&T of PRC and Thailand International Department Cooperation Agency (TICA).

To introduce studies at ThEP and CMU to other ITB members and exchange recent progress since the last meeting in April when the Chinese team visited Chiangmai, a special seminar was held. Prof. Thiraphat Vilaithong, head of ThEP and Prof. Zengliang Yu, founder of ion beam biotechnology study, told the story of 15-year collaboration between ThEP and the Key Lab of Ion Beam Bioengineering (KLIBB). A total of 7 presentations, 4 by Thai delegates and 3 by ITB members, covered the mechanism study of ion beam mutation, breeding of storage-durable and crispy-straw rice species, ion beam mutation breeding of multiple species of Thai rice, development of loss-control fertilizer and pesticides, field trials of loss-control fertilizer in Chiangmai, development of a fungicide specific to Thai chilipathogens and organic farming in Thailand.

During the stay, Thai delegates inspected the crop fields of ion beam mutation breeding and visited the loss control fertilizer production line at CNSG Anhui Hong Si Fang Co. Ltd; the prospect that building a production line of loss-control fertilizer in Chiangmai was discussed with entrepreneurs.

The guests were also very interested in other research areas of CASHIPS; they were deeply impressed by the EAST apparatus and High Magnetic Field platforms. As requested by other group of ThEP, the team spared half day visiting the quantum optics laboratories (led by Prof. Jianwei Pan and Guangcan Guo) at USTC.

ThEP and KLIBB started collaboration since 1999. Major achievements include establishment of Ion Beam Bioengineering Lab in Chiangmai, translation of “Introduction of Ion Beam Biotechnology” which was written by Prof. Zengliang Yu and Chinese version published in 1998. After series successes in flower and Thai rice mutation breeding, and ion beam assisted gene transferring, ThEP has welcomed multiple visits of Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn. IAEA has also approved ThEP as the base of ion beam biotechnology research for S.E. Asia.